About Covert Solutions Group

Covert Solutions Group is dedicated in combating Insurance Fraud as we hold the highest standards to each and every investigation that we work.

Being in the Investigative Service industry for numerous years, much has been learned, however at the same time much has been observed that needs improvement within this ever growing fast pace industry. We are here to provide the needed improvements to show the quality, reliability and dedication that the client is in search of.

We understand that each file has budgets and constraints. We will work with you on these at the same time listen to what you have to say, what you are searching for and your specific needs for each individual investigation.

With having the experience of working with both Nationwide and Regional investigative firms in all aspects of this business, we observed and understand how both operate. We offer to the client the accessibility of a nationwide firm but in a specific region.

Insurance Fraud is an ever changing motion. With the technology and knowledge that we utilize to assist us in every investigation, it allows us to "keep up" with the pace and be successful in what we were hired to do the first time.

Being based right outside the Philadelphia, PA metropolitan area, right in the middle of the most populated corridor of the United States, Covert Solutions Group offers a full service company for your investigative needs.

Staffs studing the report

CSG provides us with quality results and great customer service!  

Shawn P., PA - SIU